Hangar specifications

Purpose of a hangar

We would like to bring to your attention the characteristics and purpose of a hangar in districts near Moscow. The hangar can be used as a warehouse, for production or agriculture.

Stocking hangars

Hangars are great for organizing various warehouses types. It can be:

  • Storage warehouse for production raw materials, components,
  • Workshop warehouses for the finished products storage,
  • transit warehouses, logistic halls for short-term storage of goods located in ports, railway stations, airports, wharves, bus terminals,
  • bonded warehouses

Industrial hangars

Hangars and prefabricated buildings for industrial purposes can be used to allocate almost any type of facility: pharmacological, food or engineering production.

Agricultural hangars

Prefabricated hangars can be used as agricultural buildings for storage of grain, vegetables or as housing accomodations for livestock and barndoor fowl or hothouses. The following agricultural hangar types can be distinguished:

  • Hangar-stockroom – grain storehouse, vegetable storehouse
  • Hangar for livestock keeping – cow-shed, calfshed, hog house, horse barn
  • Hangar – poultry building
  • Hangar – hothouse
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